2021 Summer Camp FAQs

We appreciate your patience as we have diligently worked to address FAQs related to COVID-19 procedures at camp. If you have additional questions/concerns, please feel free to contact us at info@campoakhill.org.


Based on 2020’s guidelines for summer camps received from the ACA and CDC, Camp Oak Hill will continue to operate using the Concentric Circle of Infection Prevention model. This model suggests that in absence of medical risk factors, the likelihood of contracting an infectious disease is diminished by combining diligent social distancing practices with a reduced amount of exposure time around other people. To replicate this model, we are modifying our camp procedures in the following ways.

In 2021, we are returning to ACA and North Carolina overnight supervision ratios while maintaining social distancing between the bunks. Each cabin will be considered a “family unit” and will experience the entire camp session together. Campers within their family unit will not be required to wear face masks around one another, but practice routine social distancing. Family groups are well-connected and interactive with one another within their cabin and groups.

Beyond their cabin family unit, each cabin will be a part of a “crew.” A crew is two to four total cabins, limiting their exposure to less than 45 people. Campers within each crew will be allowed to experience activities together, but with stricter social distancing procedures. This allows us to limit camper exposure to one another, enable accurate contract tracing should we need it, and allow time for proper sanitization of each activity area between each crew’s use.

This summer, COH will be keeping campers outside as much as possible. This is different from previous years when campers would be both inside and outside for various activities. Traditional indoor activities, like AM Jam and evening worship, will be outside. Only weather and extreme heat will bring kids inside for extended periods of time.


Camp Oak Hill is still taking extra measures this summer to follow ACA/CDC Guidelines specific to COVID 19.  The majority of our summer staff and executive team are being proactive and have received the COVID-19 vaccination. Additionally, we are requiring all non-vaccinated summer staff to get a negative Covid test before arriving. Furthermore, all summer staff will reduce contact with people outside their immediate living situation or family and mask up whenever inside public places.

Masks are still required during our no-contact check-in as an extra precaution to keep out campers and staff safe, even though the mandate has lifted for outdoor events. We are continuing the sanitization of equipment and facilities between each cabin’s use and each crew daily as well as an enhanced sanitization process of cabins between each session. There will also be increased hand washing and hand sanitizer throughout the day for all campers.

We will strive to be outdoors as much as possible, weather, heat and light permitting. For our large group activities (AM Jam and Worship), there will be appropriate distance between cabins and crews.

Camp Oak Hill will only invite essential visitors (health inspectors, camp doctor, food delivery, screened volunteers, etc.) on property for the duration of the summer. They must wear a mask when indoors.


Currently, COH is at about a 75% capacity, in accordance with North Carolina state mandates. Ratios are set by ACA and North Carolina overnight standards. Also, we are basing our camper numbers on the number of counselors that we hire this summer. Overall, we are reducing the number of campers coming to any one session. These smaller numbers reduce overall risk, improve social distancing on our 105-acre campus, and allow campers to be able to participate in even more activities. Due to these limitations, we already have particular sessions waitlisted for some age groups.


We are requiring all campers to have a negative COVID PCR test administered by a medical professional within 72 hours prior to their arrival at camp. If a camper has chosen to receive the COVID vaccination, the PCR test is not required. Documentation must be provided for either option.

Parents will need to sign the release form and a parent agreement reinforcing their responsibilities and commitment to making sure their child arrives at camp healthy. We are requesting parents to record their child’s temperature and physical symptoms every day leading up to camp for ten days prior to check-in. This form will be available to download in your Campwise account.

All medical forms (apart from temperature check) must be submitted two weeks (14 days) before check-in on opening day. This is so we have adequate time to review all the information on the forms. 

To eliminate lines and exposure to others, we will not offer a floating check-in/check-out time. Please plan to arrive at your pre-appointed check-in and check-out times. 

Also, we are asking our families and campers to continue to be mindful of their public exposure before coming to camp. To help keep our camp community safe, please wear a face mask inside public places where unable to properly social distance, and practice diligent handwashing and social distancing.


Campers and counselors will not be required to wear a face mask during most of their time at camp. We are adding at least two gator-style facemasks to the packing list.

Here are the face mask requirements for campers:

  • On opening day until they arrive at their assigned cabin.
  • When near a non-cabinmate indoors.
    • Dining Hall
    • Activity Center

Requirements for counselors & staff:

    • During the check in and check out process
    • When near someone outside their cabin or group indoors.
    • When preparing and serving food.


Cabin counselors will make sure that campers arrange themselves head to toe within each bunk bed to allow at least six feet between each camper’s head as they sleep, meeting NCDHHS (North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services) and ACA standards. For example, the camper’s head on the top bunk will be directly above the camper’s feet on the bottom bunk. In addition, all our cabins have air conditioning with filters equipped for increased air flow. Campers may also bring an individual fan to increase personal air flow in their space. Campers have the option bring an extra sheet to hang along their bedframe should they be sleeping on the bottom bunk to provide an extra partition for their personal space.


Campers will continue to wash their hands at our handwashing stations prior to entering the dining hall. Cabin groups will eat together daily and share mealtimes. Meals will be split into shifts based on the overall number of campers per session, with sufficient time between for proper sanitation. Campers will be served in a line by kitchen staff wearing masks. Our dining hall sanitation will include thorough cleaning between meals.


As is our normal procedure, we try to always have at least two registered nurses at camp. We will also be working closely with our camp physician and the Granville County Health Department to execute a plan that protects our community should one of our campers get sick in any way while they are at camp. This includes fever, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, nasal congestion, respiratory symptoms, and anything otherwise presenting as something that could potentially be contagious. If a camper is sick, we will consult the camp physician and determine the best plan of action. Sick campers will be quarantined in a special lodging area onsite and will be required to wear a face mask at all times. Their parent will be notified immediately and will need to pick up their camper within twenty-four hours and get a COVID-19 test. Results should be sent back to the camp nurse.


We will not have Covid tests available at camp. If symptoms occur, we will follow the steps detailed above for sick campers. In addition, their entire cabin would be quarantined and all parents within that cabin will be notified immediately. Parents of every non-vaccinated camper must pick up their child within 24 hours and get a COVID-19 test. A quarantined cabin will be monitored for health and safety and will not be allowed to interact with their crew or any other camper onsite. Meals will be delivered to their cabin and camp staff will communicate with parents daily until closing day. Cabins will still be able to participate in camp activities on a revised schedule.


The decision to open Camp Oak Hill for 2021 has been made with intentional prayer and deliberation while seeking wisdom from healthcare experts and following the guidelines set forth for summer camps from the ACA and CDC.  We feel confident that we can offer a safe and meaningful experience for campers this summer with the implemented procedures to accommodate for COVID-19. However, we cannot control the spread of COVID-19 or local and state government decisions.

Yes, there is a possibility that camp could still be cancelled. Continue to pray for camp!

Should our state see a significant rise in disease spread, government restrictions increase again, or our team of experts feel that we cannot keep your children safe, we reserve the right to cancel camp sessions at any time during this summer. Although we would hate to do so, the safety of our campers and staff is our highest priority. Session refunds will be processed in accordance with our current refund policies.