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Camp Oak Hill Camperships

Financial hardships should not prevent a child from experiencing summer camp. We are fortunate enough to have a family of generous donors for our camper scholarship (“Campership”) fund. In 2019, we awarded 94 Camperships totaling $53,000, allowing each of those youth to be impacted by the Gospel!

The Campership application is open to any camper seeking financial assistance. Upon completion of the application, you must then register your camper online by choosing a week of camp and pay the required deposit amount. Please note: a deposit is required for ALL campers, including Campership. Please understand that your application cannot be reviewed until a deposit is made. This is such a great opportunity for our ogranization to come alongside the many families that apply, and we need to ensure accountability on both ends so that every dollar is stewarded well to impact as many youth as possible.

Upon review of each application, the committee will determine the Campership amount we award based on eligibility requirements and the resources we have available. If the application does not meet the eligability requirements for a Campership to be awarded you may cancel your registration and recive a full refund of your deposit. Otherwise, we are happy to set up a payment plan with you if necessary (see more info in the FAQs below). 


Q: I have multiple children who want to attend camp. Can I apply for a Campership for all of them?

A: Yes! You can certainly apply for a Campership for multiple campers, but each camper must have their own application. Additionally, each camper requires their own deposit. 

Q: Can my camper receive a Campership for more than one session of camp? 

A: No, at this time each applicant will only receive one Campership per camp season. You will have to pay the full camp fee for any additional sessions of camp your camper wants to attend.

Q: I am not sure I can afford the deposit. What do I do?

A: We understand that finances can be tricky. However, for many reasons, we require a deposit for ALL campers. We would encourage you to reach out to your church or family members to see if they could help! We have heard many cool stories about campers who raise funds by babysitting, saving their birthday money, selling cookies, and more!

Q: I found out I am not eligible for a Campership. What are my options?

A: We would love to set up a payment plan with you so that you can pay the camp fee in smaller increments. To start this conversation, call the office (919-782-2888) and speak with a staff member. Please note: regardless, the full camp fee is due BEFORE your camper attends camp, so plan accordingly. 

Q: Will my Campership cover my camper’s entire camp fee (less the deposit)?

A: Not necessarily. This will be determined by your application and your level of need. It is not uncommon for us to award a Campership to cover half of the camp fee. If this is the case, the parent or guardian will be responsible for paying the remainder of the camp fee. 

Q: Do you know of any additional means to receive financial support to get my camper to camp? 

A: If you live in Franklin County, NC, please reach out to to inquire about the Happy Camper program.