Spend A Week As A Summer Camp Nurse!

Serve as one of our summer nurses for a week at Camp Oak Hill and your camper can come for free!

Nurses FULL for Summer 2024

  • Session 1 (June 9-14): FULL
  • Session 2 (June 16-21): FULL
  • Session 3 (June 23-28): FULL
  • Session 4 (June 30-July 5): FULL
  • Session 5 (July 7-12): FULL
  • Session 6 (July 14-19): FULL
Q: Why be a camp nurse?
A: We see the role of our “Medical Staff” as two-fold. One, to serve COH well, with professional, caring, kind nurses. We are American Camp Association accredited and require med staff on-site during camp and need your skills! Secondly, we desire for our Med Staff to be blessed as a result of spending a week at Camp Oak Hill. While serving a week at camp is certainly not a vacation, there is ample opportunity to receive many blessings through serving our campers and staff, participating in camp events, and making the most of the quiet time away from the “real world.”
Q: Who can apply?
A: Anyone with a license of RN or higher who passes a background check and is in agreement with our Statement of Faith (found in application).
Q: Do nurses get paid? 
A: Being a camp nurse is strictly volunteer-based; however, for each week of camp a nurse volunteers, they will receive a voucher for one week of camp for their child or grandchild.
Q: How many nurses will you select for each week of camp?
A: Per our ACA accreditation, we must have 1 nurse on-site 24/7 per 50 campers. We have a minimum of 2 nurses per session, additional nurses could be required based on enrollment.
Q: Can nurses participate in activities and programs? 
A: Of course! We love for our nurses to participate and enjoy the activities and programs while they are serving at camp.
Q: Can I work the same week that my child is attending camp? 
A: Although we do try to accommodate schedules, it isn’t always possible to have your child attend the same session that you volunteer to work at camp. If the Sessions don’t align with your volunteer schedule, your child may return to camp with you and stay in the infirmary for the week under your supervision.