Why summer Camp?

Growth, Friends, Confidence for Life

At Camp Oak Hill, we believe that summer camp is a crucial part of every child’s development and faith. Our mission is to be a place where children are safe, enjoy life, and experience the love of Jesus Christ – and you can expect this mission to be woven through all aspects of camp!

Our Goal

“Building for Character, Not for Fame”

Our Kids Weeks (rising 2nd-6th grades) are specifically designed for our youngest campers. We are committed to creating a safe and engaging experience for every camper, ensuring they are surrounded by new friends and attentive counselors who will guide them through their daily schedule. Elementary campers will develop self-confidence as they learn foundational truths of God’s story and build friendships that could last a lifetime!

Typical Day | Programs & Activities

Middle School campers (rising 6th-8th grades) have the opportunity to unplug from their electronic devices and busy schedules for an entire week (or more!). They will focus on developing teamwork and communication skills as they engage in unique outdoor activities that challenge their abilities and push their limits. High-quality college students serve as excellent role models and help campers wrestle with faith questions and deepen Biblical understanding. Middle School campers will develop a clearer sense of how God has uniquely made them as they consider self-identity in a critical time in their personal development.

Typical Day | Programs & Activities

High School campers (rising 9th-12th grades), mentored by our exceptional counselors, are provided a unique camp experience and an opportunity to build life-long friendships. Engaging in one-of-a-kind, intensive activities, our oldest campers will be challenged to develop grit and learn how growing toward our God-given potential involves moving beyond what is “comfortable”. We believe that when teenagers take the opportunity to break away from their hectic routines, and can wrestle with faith questions in a nurturing environment, they have the space to begin identifying how God is active in their lives and consider how their spiritual gifts might be used to serve the kingdom of God.

Typical Day | Programs & Activities

Our Camp

Where the Funnest Fun Happens, Each and Every Day of the Summer!

Nestled on 105 acres of rolling woodlands with a pair of picturesque lakes just an hour north of the Triangle, Camp Oak Hill is a safe place for rising 2nd through 12th graders to be kids, exploring, playing and learning more about Jesus and faith. We offer an experience packed with new adventures, friends and memories to last a lifetime. From kayaking, ziplining and archery, to gym games, field sports and dancing music, Camp Oak Hill provides an opportunity for every child to thrive!

Our Summer Staff

Who We Are and Who We Hire.

At Camp Camp Oak Hill, we are committed to selecting, hiring, training, and equipping young men and women who not only desire to love and lead children, but who earnestly seek to love and serve the Lord.

Everything we do at Camp Oak Hill revolves around building and maintaining relationships. Our counselors’ primary responsibility is to not only love each camper with the love of Christ, but to also construct the solid foundation on which campers feel safe, encouraged, understood, motivated, and empowered!



What Parents are Saying

“I was so impressed with everything my son learned and told me about Camp Oak Hill last year. It’s months later and he still talks about it on a weekly basis. It made an incredible difference!”

“I am so thankful for the love that I could see poured into my children. It was truly heartwarming to see the smiles, fun, hugs and high fives and so many details y’all noticed individually about my children. The staff were like family, a very special, comforting feeling to have as a parent.”

“My child has a fear of everything, she cried so bad when I left her at camp but I knew this was a awesome camp when she came home eager to go back. Hearing how she learned of the goodness of Jesus while having so much fun warmed my heart!”