You’ve Asked…We’ve Answered! 

Summer Camp:

What does my child need to bring to camp?

How many kids will be in my camper’s cabin?

  • This varies based on the demographics of each week, but the number of campers per cabin ranges from 12-20.

Does my camper need money?

  • Snacks, drinks, and other items from the camp store are an additional charge. But parents will have the opportunity to pre-load money into their child’s camp store account so campers will not need to bring money with them. Camp store fees are as follows: $20 will provide your camper with one snack item from camp store every day, twice a day, for the duration of their stay; $40 will provide them with two snack items every day, twice a day, for the duration of their stay. Note: For two-week session, camp store fees are $40 for one item and $80 for two items. COH swag, clothing, and non-food merchandise will only be available to purchase during check-in and check-out. *COH is NOT responsible for damaged/missing money.

Can I send my camper mail?

  • Yes. You may drop off any packages or mail at the Camp Store during check in. If doing this, please write your camper’s name, cabin number, and day that you would like it given out on the mail/package. Mail may also be sent via postal service (1528 Oak Hill Rd – Oxford, NC 27565), however we suggest sending it early to ensure it’s received before your camper leaves.  We do not forward mail once a camper has left for the session.
  • Our new letter and package requirements are as follows:
    Letters – One letter per day at camp
    Package – One package per week at camp, packages must be the size of a shoebox (Please be mindful that some campers have food allergies. Please do not send foods containing peanuts or tree nuts.)

What time should I arrive for check in?

  • Check in time is from 2-4:15pm on Sundays for most sessions (you will receive session-specific check-in information in advance of your session)!

What does a typical day look like?

  • Check out our Typical Day page for a glimpse at a day at Camp Oak Hill!

How do you find/hire your summer counselors? / What qualifications do your counselors have?  

  • We primarily recruit our summer counselors by marketing to campus ministries and word of mouth through previous staff members.
  • All counselor applicants fill out a written application and go through a 30-45 minute interview followed by a reference and background check.
  • We also use a list of qualities that we think make-up a great counselor to create our application/interview questions. These can be found under the counselor section in our Summer Staff page.

Is my camper allowed to bring a phone or any electronic device?

  • Camp Oak Hill for campers is an electronic-free fun zone!  Any necessary communication will be via Camp Oak Hill.

Do counselors stay in the cabins with the campers?  

  • Yes. We assign no less than 2 counselors to stay with the campers in the cabin.

How many campers do you get each session?

  • This varies by session. On average we see anywhere from 100 to 160 campers each week.          

Can I talk to my child or send email to camp?

  • We ask that communication between parent and camper over phone/email be limited to emergencies during our sessions due to the large amount of campers that we have. We do encourage letters and packages though!

What are the cabins like?

  • You can find pictures of our cabins under the Facilities page of our website.

What kind of food is provided?

  • Our summer camp menus are currently under development. For a taste of what we taste each week at COH check out a sample menu.

    What is the ratio of counselors to campers?

    • This varies based on the age of the camper. For our younger campers, our ratio is 1:8. For our older campers, it is 1:10.

    Can my child bunk with their friend who is older/younger?

    • We try to accommodate bunkmate requests as much as possible. In the case that a camper’s friend is a different age, we typically will move the older camper into the younger camper’s cabin.

    Are there scholarships?  How long does it take to find out if my child gets a  scholarship?

    • Camp Oak Hill raises funds each year to help provide “camperships” for financial assistance to eligible families.  Applications for camperships are online and notification of acceptance is on a rolling basis. For more information click here

    Do they have to take a swim test?

    • Our pool has a maximum depth of 4 feet. Due to not having a deep end in our pool, we do not have a swim test. If your camper has issues with swimming, please list it on the camper application.

    Can girls wear tankinis?

    • Yes. We ask that girls either wear one piece bathing suits or a tankini that completely covers the midsection and boys wear swimming trunks.


    Can we bring a band for our retreat?

    Do you provide linens?

    • In our standard lodging we do NOT provide linens. However, in our private rooms we do provide linens. 

    Is there a group size limit for retreats?

    • Our facilities accommodate up to 220 people.

    Will other guests/groups be there?

    • This is based on your group’s size. Any group that has 125 participants or more is considered an exclusive retreat and will not have other retreat groups on site. If your group does not have this many participants, there is a possibility that there will be another group on site during your retreat.

    How does parking work?  May I bring my car? Will I have easy access and need to carry my own luggage?

    Do you have a sample menu for retreat groups?

    • Yes, our various meal options are chosen by the retreat group. Our guest services coordinator will contact the retreat group leader to plan the menu.

    Is private lodging available for guests?

    • Please see our Retreat Guidelines document (also located under the Retreats page of our website).



    Are medical personnel on site?

    • During summer camp medical staff are on site 24/7 while camp is in operation.  We do not provide medical staff for retreat groups.

    Are you accredited?

    • Yes, we are ACA (American Camp Association) accredited. We have visits every 5 years and reporting each year to maintain accreditation.

    Are you connected to any one denomination?

    • No, we are a non-denominational Christian non-profit organization. Please email us if you would like to see our Statement of Faith.

    What does the lodging look like?

    • Pictures of our lodging areas are located under the retreat page of our website.

    Will I have access to wi-fi?

    • Yes, our Dining Hall and Activity Center have “limited” guest wi-fi networks.
    • Group leaders have per use access to the fullest extent available.

    Is there heating and air conditioning?

    •  Yes, all of our cabins and meeting spaces have heat and air conditioning, with the exception of the gym.

    What are the allergy and dietary options and policies in the Camp Oak Hill kitchen?

    • This is an increasingly important area to many families and individuals, and you can find more info here in our Kitchen and Allergy Policy.

    Do you have a camp map?

    • Here’s a link to view and download our map (beautifully illustrated by one of our counselors)!

    Can I bring my pet to camp?

    • Pets are not allowed.