As I thought about what to blog about this week my mind kept wandering back to two things. One was the purpose. Why am I writing this blog? The purpose was to stay connected with the family of Camp Oak Hill and to allow you to get to know me better- to share with you what the Lord is teaching me. The other thing that kept coming to mind was who God is as our Father and my identity as His son. I shared last week that I grew up in a home where my father was not present. A blog I read sums up well what my heart feels:

“This reality is not always comfortable for me. It has often been easier for me to think about God as Creator, Sovereign, and King rather than as my Father. God is the Father of Jesus – that I can get…but my Father? My mind tends to gravitate toward His lordship rather than His love…His power over me rather than His pleasure in me…His rule rather than our relationship. I am a functional reductionist, reducing God to those aspects to which I can better relate.”

The lack of a father figure in my life plays a huge role in how I view God, myself and others. What I hope to do over the next few weeks or so is share my journey of finding my identity as a child of God, and discovering God as my Father. What I want us to see is not the journey of a fatherless child searching for identity, but the unconditional love of a Father welcoming His child back home.

-Michael Orr