Welcome Parents!

We are so excited that your campers will be joining us this summer! With this summer being different than years past, we have some new forms/protocols we’re asking you to review prior to arrival at camp. Please see below for detailed information.

We anticipate a summer full of fun and look forward to having your camper with us! Please let us know if you have any questions prior to camp. Our 2020 Camp FAQs that address specific COVID-19 questions can be found HERE. We are excited to see you soon!

2020 Check-in and Check out Procedures

Drop off 3-5pm (Alphabetical by Last Name): 3:00-4:00pm shift (ex. A-M) OR 4:00-5:00pm shift (ex. N-Z)

Drive-through Check-in Procedure: 

3-4pm Check-in time (Please arrive by 3:45PM at the latest in order for us to prepare for the 4:00 shift.)

4-5pm Check-in time (Please arrive by 4:45PM at the latest.)

**Please be looking for an email the Friday before your session begins for your designated check in time.**

Check-in Procedure:

  1. Temperature Check: Please see designated staff to have your child’s temperature taken. Temperature to be recorded in log and handed to a nurse at stop #3.
  2. Paperwork: Any questions on paperwork can be answered at this station. The line will split at this point between Meds and No Meds (you must turn in all meds to nurses). Meds will veer to the left and No Meds will veer to the right.
  3. Nurses Check-in: A nurse will be present at the split to receive your temperature log and direct accordingly.
  4. Camp Store: Items for purchase will be displayed on the front porch of our dining hall. CASH OR CHECK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. We apologize for this inconvenience. Campers will also be dropped off at this location and directed towards their cabin. (Think School Car-line)
  5. Luggage: No need to step out of your car! Staff will gladly unload your camper’s luggage at this station. 
  6. Enjoy your week while your camper has a ton of fun at camp!

In case of RAINY DAYS, please use the following path for check-in procedures:

Check-out Procedure:

10AM-11AM First shift (A-M) Arrive at 10!
11AM-12PM (N-Z)

  1. Nurses: Pick up your meds
  2. Camp Store/Pick-up
  3. Luggage
  4. See you next summer (if not before)!!


  • No Nebulizer Treatments will be done at camp this summer. Only emergency inhalers and spacers will be allowed.
  • If you are bringing medications for your child to take during camp, ensure they are in the original prescription container. NO baggies of pills or pill organizers allowed.
  • Please place all medications in a ziplock bag with your camper’s name and DOB clearly printed on the outside. Be prepared to speak with our medical staff during check-in to give clear instructions for when each medication is to be taken. If these steps are not taken, we will not be able to distribute your child’s medication. The ONLY medications that will be allowed in the cabin are EpiPens for severe allergies or rescue inhalers for severe respiratory needs. If your child brings an EpiPen or rescue inhaler, please inform the medical staff that they will be keeping those items with them.

Preparing Your Child for Camp/ Registration Checklist

  • Camper online forms complete no later than two weeks prior to your camper’s arrival at camp. (Click here to login to your account)
  • PLEASE NOTE: A physician’s signature is REQUIRED for camp and your camper must have a physical within the past 12 MONTHS
  • Cabin mate request filled out two weeks prior to your camper’s arrival at camp.
  • Camp Store is included in with camp fees. Campers are provided each full day with a drink and choice of a snack or ice cream.
  • If you are planning to send mail to your camper, we HIGHLY encourage you to drop off all mail in the Camp Store on check-in day, rather than mailing it to camp during the session. Dropping off mail on-site will ensure your campers will receive it on time.
  • Please remember to label ALL personal items (towels, clothes, shoes, bibles, etc.) with your camper’s name. This year is especially important to ensure your camper’s items (including luggage) are well-labeled!
  • Please note: 1 PIECE SWIMSUITS ONLY for our female campers.
  • ALL campers will be provided a face covering in lieu of a t-shirt this year to help promote the safety of all of our campers and staff, but please be sure to bring at least 1-2 additional washable face masks for your camper.

Important Forms Needed

All campers must have a physical within 12 months arrival of camp. Please have the following form filled out by a physician: Camper Medical Form

**New this Year!!** Health Screening/Temperature Log Form

In an effort to minimize illness at camp we ask that you check on the health of your camper daily beginning 10 days prior to camp. We want to make sure we are starting each session “clean” with healthy campers and this begins at home. Please bring the completed Health Screening/Temperature Log Form to camp on opening day.

Please make sure your camper fulfills the following requirements: (Contact us at info@campoakhill.org if you have any questions)

  • Your child has not been around anyone with any of the symptoms or diagnosis of COVID-19 in the 10 days before the start of camp
  • No one in your household has been sick in the 14 days prior to camp
  • Your child has not traveled by air or traveled out of state in the 14 days prior to camp
  • Your child has adhered to our state’s guidelines regarding COVID-19.

2020 Camper Packing List

The following is recommended based on Sunday-Friday stay at camp. Please adjust as needed.

1 blanket (lightweight) OR sleeping bag
Twin size sheet set
1 pillow w/ pillowcase
1 laundry bag (NO plastic bags)

2 bath towels + 1 lake/pool towel
2 washcloths
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Soap & Shampoo
Shower Shoes (flip-flops work well)

6 changes of underwear
6 pairs of socks
6 pairs of shorts/gym shorts
6 t-shirts
2 sets of clothes to get really dirty in
1 poncho or raincoat
1 pair tennis shoes/sneakers
1 pair water shoes/flip-flops
2 swimsuits (one-piece or tankini that covers midsection)
1 Wacky Wednesday outfit (t-shirt, socks)
Optional: sunglasses
Optional: 1 set of “nice” clothes, such as Polo/khakis, sundress, etc. to wear on closing night

Insect Repellant
1-2 Washable Face Masks
Optional: Water Bottle
Optional: Fishing equipment, camera
Optional: Stationary & Stamps

4 pairs of clothes to get messy
Hawaiian shirt
An all-black outfit
1 all blue and all red outfit
Neon clothes
2 white t-shirts
Christmas outfit
Two-Week Only: July 4th outfit/accessories

Cell Phones
Personal electronics, including iPods and handheld video games
Knives, guns, nuclear bombs or weapons of any kind
Tobacco, electronic cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs
Skateboards, skates, or “heelies”
Archery equipment

If any of these items are brought, they will be confiscated, stored, and returned to the parent upon checkout.