With the holiday season nearly here, many of us look forward to spending a little extra time with our loved ones. Lucky for me, my family all live near enough to where I’ve never had to travel much more than 30 minutes for holiday gatherings. In fact, just the other day my sister and I were reminiscing by looking through some pictures from our childhood, and we came across some from 1995; the first year we went to Camp Oak Hill for summer camp. We remembered the impact that camp had on us that first summer; so much so that my sister returned the following two summers, and I didn’t miss one for the next 6 years.

For me, the impact was most felt in the way God used the counselors to teach me that I was meant to love people other than just my family. All of the staff was kind and patient, not to mention extremely excited about their faith in Jesus, and that made me want to know more about him. I had spent my whole life going to church and hearing about God’s love, but it was my experience as a camper at COH that breathed life into God’s real love for me.

                Fast forward to 2003 and I found myself back at camp as a counselor. I would spend the next three summers sharing God’s love and my faith in Jesus with kids of all ages. Throughout those summers at COH, I was continually reminded that in my weakness and brokenness, God’s strength and mercy is truly what keeps me going. I also realized that sharing God’s love through serving others is what gives me purpose in life. I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am to be back now to serve retreat groups at Camp Oak Hill!

– Taylor Cashwell, Retreats Director